The Anthropology Teaching Forum (ATF) is an organzation in the Department of Anthropology at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Minus the “alcohol, tobacco, or firearms,” we are armed with intense passion in innovative and effective pedagogy specifically related to the discipline of anthropology. Our monthly meetings focus on important aspects of anthropology pedagogy through a workshop emphasis. Faculty and grad students gather to discuss significant topics such as assessment, course design, and student concerns centered on a discussion leader’s experience and/or future plans. Meeting attendees are asked to contribute their thoughts and ideas to improve the quality of specific ideas for teaching anthropological topics in university courses.

ATF Spring 2015 Meeting Flyer

To review our past meetings, check the RECAPS to see what we discussed and “workshopped.” Meeting attendees are also noted to acknowledge those who participated in these discussions! We appreciate everyone’s participation, excitement, and generosity in discussion.

Our recaps are also cross-posted on the fantastic blog called Teaching Culture by University of Toronto Press in a new Anthropology Teaching Forum Series developed specifically to highlight our discussions! We are very excited about this partnership and how it will help us to grow as an organization!


ATF’ers: Will Robertson, Ashley Hurst, Jessica Juarez, Lori Barkwill-Love, Griette van der Heide, Lynn Kim, Leah McCurdy, Jenna Bonavia, Emily Lloyd, and Guillaume Pages

We have great hopes for the future of ATF and enhancing innovative pedagogy in anthropology classes. We have established ourselves as group of anthropology educators at UTSA, however, we hope to expand our membership beyond UTSA and San Antonio. Please contact us if you are interested and require additional information.

A poster about ATF was displayed Oct 24-27 at the South-Central Conference on Mesoamerica held at Tulane University in New Orleans. Here is a preview of the poster:
ATF Poster for SCCM 2014


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